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What is The Hub?

The AQUATIC THERAPY UNIVERSITY hub is the brain-child of therapists who provide aquatic therapy training. Since 2010, therapists have worked to bring the world of aquatic therapy and exercise together and technology has finally caught up with the vision! 

This Deep Interest Network is POWERED by connections. It is not a 1 dimensional blog or a 2 dimensional listserv or discussion group. 

The Hub allows you to ask a question to the whole HIVE and share answers. It allows you to find people who share similar geography with you -- whether it be where you are located on a map or where you are located in your head. It allows you to work together, invite others, and spin off projects.

Free to All

Our Hub is free to all. If you just want to look around, click Explore. Once you decide you want to post a question, advertise a course or join in the conversation, click Join. It's free to join, but you cannot post or comment without registering. 

All comments and questions are public, so you are not permitted to post ANYTHING related to specific patients or clients. 

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