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A deep interest network for Aquatic Therapy Professionals.


What is The Hub?

The AQUATICX Hub is the brain-child of Andrea Salzman, PT. Over the last 25 years, Andrea worked to bring the world of aquatic health together through:

But it was always a struggle to find an easy way to get the people of aquatic health to interact and prevent each other from re-creating the (water) wheel. 

Blogs are 1 dimensional. The writer writes. You read. 

Listservs are 2 dimensional. People post. Other people post back. 

But you can't get everyone in on the action. You can't all watch a sample treatment and make decisions or collaborate on the ultimate Aquatic Precautions List or attend a Zoom video conference  on Salzman's Blanket Drills together. You cannot fully connect and you cannot create synergistic effects.

Not anymore. 

Technology has finally caught up with the vision! This Deep Interest Network is POWERED by connections. It is not a 1 dimensional blog or a 2 dimensional listserv or discussion group. 

The Hub allows you to find people who share similar geography with you -- whether it be where you are located on a map or where you are located in your head. It allows you to work together, invite others, and spin off projects.

To join AQUATICX, you must:

(1) Be an aquatic therapy professional or work in a field related to aquatics;

(2) Live and breathe aquatic therapy;

(3) Participate. If you are a sit back and observe kind of gal or guy, this is not the Network for you. But, if your heart pumps chlorine, you are home;

This Hub is going to work because of something called "network effects". In other words, it will work because you will tell 2 friends and they will tell 2 friends...and so on and so on.  

Due to the power of higher mathematics, eventually, we hook the whole globe up. Woot. Just call us Match.com for the aquatic professionals of the world.

The AQUATICX Hub is currently free to members through the support of our amazing sponsors. 

To request an invite to join, click the button. Then share this link with everyone YOU'D like see join The AQUATICX Hub.

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